Our Customers


"There's no other gear on the market like this stuff, it's an absolute godsend".

Steven Quilliam 


"Need to up your prices, seriously, I can't believe I only paid 50 quid for the red smock. The quality of it is unreal!"



"Thank you, only ordered them a day and a half ago, great service."



"Just bought the Paris '81 jumper - super quality, great design and very keenly priced - (Missus actually thought it was a Luke 1977 piece)."

Martin Beagan 


"Worth pointing out the customer service and feedback from the team at Love Follow Conquer has been first class :)"

Martin Beagan


"Another speedy delivery from @lovefollowconqr, the coolest t-shirts going."

Jamie Owens 


"I received the package today. Great customer service, thanks very much."

Paul Johnson 


"I've recently bought your #Paris81 and it arrived today. It's amazing quality and can't wait to wear it" #LFCJFT96



"Thanks to the team at @lovefollowconqr they have provided me with a great level of customer service today" #pleasuretodealwith #LFC



"Your products are amazing. I live in the states and some companies attempt to do what you do but it just doesn't come close."

Dan Leitao 


"After much deliberation I think my attire will include the @lovefollowconqr Huyton's Finest. Purely for the quote for our bitter neighbours."

Carl Wrigley 


"I've just seen their new #LFC gear and it's boss. Especially "Big Ears" t-shirt." "



"Just ordered my LEIVA t-shirt from @lovefollowconqr. It is a thing of beauty."



"Love your stuff! Just ordered a polo and t-shirt."



"I got my "Leiva" t-shirt last week... it's great!"



"Another shipment arrived today! Love them. The new Leiva tshirt is class!"



"Made up with my new @lovefollowconqr t-shirt for Wembley. Boss design, quality, service & delivery."