Born in Liverpool,
Love Follow Conquer aims
to give LFC supporters
clothing they want.

Love Follow Conquer, Liverpool FC shop for LFC inspired T-shirts, polo shirts, tops, sweat shirts, jackets.

Love Follow Conquer is a menswear label for Liverpool FC supporters. The brand takes a retrospective look at one of the most successful clubs in British history. From Albert Stubbins and Billy Liddell to Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez, Love Follow Conquer aims to give real LFC supporters things that big sponsors simply can’t.

The team at Love Follow Conquer are proud to be born and bred in Liverpool, we learnt the game on the streets of our great city. We’re proud to have the privilege of supporting our hometown team, Liverpool Football Club. We’re all unique supporters and we felt it was about time LFC supporters had a unique brand to wear on the terraces.

The name Love Follow Conquer we feel captures our passion, pride and belief that distinguishes LFC supporters from the rest. The Love Follow Conquer brand is designed so you can wear our garments with pride, knowing full well it’s all about our club, LFC.

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Love Follow Conquer was born out of our love for football, music and fashion. Being born in 1969 these three elements went hand in hand for any Casual. At that time in the late 70‘s and 80‘s Liverpool created a new meaning and definition for the match going lad. Out went the boot boy replaced by something that until '77 hadn’t been seen before, the Casual.

Our Collection aims to give back a unique brand solely for true red supporters. Something exclusive to us, something timeless, that understands who we are. No corporate logos or sponsorship, just garments that we hope you’ll appreciate.

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